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    <<The Heart Law of Dan Xi>>, by Zhu Dan-Xi

    <<The Heart Law of Dan Xi>>, by Zhu Dan-Xi (1281~1358), translated by John Lew.

    Headaches are usually caused by phlegm. For severe pain, it's usually by fire. Some can be treated by Emesis; some by the method of purgation.


    For most cases of headaches, use ChuanXiong. If to no avail, add drugs for specific channels.


    TaiYang meridian, add ChuanXiong;

    YangMing meridian, BaiZhi;

    Saoyang meridian, ChaiHu;

    Taiyin meridian, CangZhu;

    SaoYin meridian, XiXin;

    JueYin meridian, WuZhuYu.

    For obese people, it's by damp-phlegm, should use BanXia, CangZhu;

    For thin people, it's due to heat. Should use HuangQin, FangFeng.

    For headaches caused by cold, should use FangFeng, JiangHuo, GaoBen, BaiZhi.

    For deficiency of qi, use Huangqi, DiHuang, NanXing, or (Tibetan Sedative Decoction for Calming)*.

    For headaches caused by wind-heat, use TianMa, ManJingZi, TaiXiong, HuangQin.

    For headache at the top, use GaoBen, FangFeng, ChaiHu.

    Lee Dong-Yuan (1180~1251) said: "For headaches at the top, use GaoBen, forbid ChuanXiong."