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    <<Zhang's Medical Comprehension*>>, by Zhang Jing-Yue

    This page is an analysis of headache by Zhang Jingyue (1563~1640) in his publication <<Zhang's Medical Comprehension*>>. Compiled by Hu Guangci, translated by John Lew.

    According to <<Zhang's Medical Comprehension*>>: "Head is the reflection of sky, part of the yan. The clear yan energy of the six fu organs and essential blood of the five zhan organs are all heading towards and meet at the vertex of the head. Therefore, the six pathogenic external forces, internal illnesses of the five zhan organs and weakness of human 'original' qi can all affect the head. They may blind the clear openings or make the channels collapsed or fight with body righteous force and thus cause pain."

    From the way Zhang understood TCM, he knew that head is where qi and blood meet and it's the top part of the whole human body - where the high level of central nervous system is. Six pathogenic external forces and five internal illnesses of zhan organs can all lead to headache.

    From the point of view of modern medicine, headache is a commonly seen symptom. However, it's not an independent illness. It could be caused or triggered by illnesses of the brain itself, or due to pathologic reflection from other illnesses of other parts of the body. We can safely say that the cause of headache concerns too many other illnesses.

    According to Zhang Jingyue: "Whenever we diagnose of headache, the first thing is to determine the length (How long has it been?). Second thing is to find out if it's internal or external type. For acute headache, it has to be caused by external pathogen; for chronic type, 'original qi' must have been slashed..." Even though there could be so many causes to headache, he said, however, two types of headache can be identified as the big picture: the external and the internal. (External headache is usually caused by six pathogenic forces and internal headache is by the malfunction of five zhan, six fu organs, chi, blood...)

    In general, headache that accompanies flu or cold are external type. High blood pressure usually causes the vertex part of the head to be painful. On the other hand, low blood pressure sometimes results in anemia type of dizziness. Migraine happens to be one of those internal type headaches that involve the nervous system.