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    The Causes of Migraine, various contributors

    (This section deals with neuroheadache that can be classified as Internal Headache in TCM)

    According to <<Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber>>: "Of those headache caused by wind, the wind pathogen resides at the yang channels. All the yang channels lead to head, by then wind pathogen follows the route and goes up, sided or straight, or right into the brain, stays stationery. If it goes head-to-head with primordial qi, the collision thus causes pain (headache)..."

    It also mentioned: "Those with sided headache (migraine), are caused by wind pathogen which resides in the yang channels. Those channels lack of energy, thus give way to the residence of wind pathogen at one side (the weak parts). Affecting side corner line of hairline, lasting endlessly, what we call sided headache (migraine)."

    Whereas <<Complete Works of Zhang Jingyue>> says: "For those who have been sick for a long time, sometimes it breaks out, sometimes it's healed. Those with exterior deficiency get cold and it breaks out. For those with excessive yang, a bit fever and it breaks out. Those with insufficiency of kidney fluid will be taken advantage by deficient fire and it breaks out. Or those insufficient of yang at top will be attacked by cold-yin and it breaks out. Therefore for the acute headache, (we shall) emphasize more on pathogenic forces; for the chronic and bed-ridden patients, do take care about the inborn qi in order to consolidate the body integrity."

    If we were to compare the two sayings, <<Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber>> says that migraine is caused by collision of wind pathogen with primordial qi, what surfaces is the wind pathogen. <<Complete Works of Zhang Jingyue>> says the crucial cause is the lack of inborn qi. In TCM, it goes: "If the righteous is weak, the evil will take over and prevail." Applying the saying here, the primordial qi and inborn qi are what is righteous, the pathogenic wind being the evil.