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Manifestations of Headache, various contributors

The Causes of Migraine, various contributors

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    Manifestations of Headache, various contributors

    (General understanding of the causes of all headaches)

    "Those that are deep inside and far to reach are due to head-wind. It comes and goes with no patterns, recurring when triggered."<<Standards of Diagnosis and Treatment>>

    The book <<Qin Scenery of Ming*>> said: "Symptoms of headache, can be half-sided, or both-sided. (It) can last for two to three days, or seven to eight days, or even more. When it subsides everything goes back to normal. Accidentally triggered, it comes right up. If one lacks of qi and is tired all the time, or one feels more painful when he works more, or the pain area drags to fish-tail (somewhere at the wrinkle lines), this is the type of insufficiency of qi. If one feels hot at four palms and heart, gets irritated easily, or with pain sensation like needle sticking (stabbing), this is the type of deficiency of blood. For those with thirst and dry lips, yellow urine and constipation are of the type of accumulated heat. If one feels nauseous and vomits, this is caused by phlegm accumulation. Headache that is caused by anger and with pain at thoracic areas are due to uplifting of liver-fire. The above are all internal illnesses."

    "Headaches are caused by phlegm, heat, dampness, wind, qi, or accompanied by insufficiency of qi or deficiency of blood. Those that caused by wind are called head-wind; (they) must have dizziness. With heat it comes thirst and irritation. With qi stagnation comes lack of determination. With phlegm it comes vomiting and nausea. With dampness it comes heavy head. Those that with deficiency will have more severe pain and dizziness," quoted from <<Gold Reference of Origin of Medicine*>>.