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Ligusticum Sinense (Ligusticum Sinense Oliv.) GaoBen

Chuanxiong Rhizome (Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong) ChuanXiong

Dahurian Angelica Root (Radix Angelicae Dahuricae) BaiZhi

Evodia Fruit (Fructus Evodiae) WuZhuYu

Bupleurum Root (Radix Bupleuri) ChaiHu

Wild Genger (Herba Asari) Xixin

Atractylodes Rhizome (Rhizoma Atractylodis) CangZhu

Notopterygium Root (Rhizoma seu Radix Notopterygii) JiangHuo

Ledebouriella Root (Radix Ledebouriellae) FangFeng

    Dahurian Angelica Root (Radix Angelicae Dahuricae)

    Property, Flavour: Warm, pungent.

    Channel Tropism: Acting on the lung and stomach channels.

    Effects: Inducing diaphoresis to disperse cold, expelling wind to relieve pain, subduing swelling, promoting pus discharge, and removing dampness to stop leukorrhagia.

    1. Common cold due to wind-cold pathogens manifested as headache, stuffy nose, etc.
    2. Headache, toothache, especially pain in the forehead and superciliary region:
      1. Headache due to pathogenic wind: as in Chuanxiong Mixture (Chuanxiong Cha Tiao San).
      2. Headache caused by stuffy nose and rhinorrhea: as in Xanthium Powder (Cangerzi San).
      3. Toothache due to wind-fire: with gypsum.
      4. Toothache due to wind-cold: with asarum.
    3. For various infections on body surface.
    4. For leukorrhagia:
      1. Cold-dampness with profuse clear and thin leukorrhea: with white atractylodes rhizome, poria and cuttle-bone.
      2. Damp-heat with foul yellow think leukorrhagia: with phellodendron bark, plantain seed, etc.
    5. Stomachache: with liquorice, as in Decoction of Dahurian Angelica and Liquorice (Baizhi Gancao Tang).

    Dosage: 3-10g, decocted in water for oral doses.

    Precautions: -