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Discussion on Endopathic/Internal Headache

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    Discussion on Endopathic/Internal Headache:

    It is also possible to differentiate the types of headache, exopathic disease or internal injury, syndromes of insufficiency or excessiveness, cold or heat according to the nature of headache and its accompanied symptoms. The eight principal syndromes for  pathological diagnosis is listed below:


    Yin Yang
    Cold Heat
    Insufficiency/Deficiency Excessiveness
    Interior Exterior

    The discussion of headache due to exopathic illnesses such as cold, flu, fever, and chilliness is omitted. Below is discussion on the types of endopathic:


    Common endopathic causes/Symptoms

    Likely Syndromes
    Less severe and spasmodic headache that has lingered for a long time internal injury
    Dull headache that becomes worse after overwork insufficiency of qi
    Dull pain with dizziness and pale complexion deficiency of blood
    Hollow headache with aching pain in the loins and knees deficiency of the kidney
    Headache with dizziness and a feeling of heaviness, fullness of the abdomen and watery stool insufficiency of spleen
    Pain of pricking localized in a certain place blood stasis
    Head aches as if it were wrapped up tightly with an oppressive sensation in the chest and with greasy coating of the tongue stagnation of phlegm
    Distending headache with a bitter taste in the mouth and dryness of the throat flaming-up of liver-fire