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    Differentiative Diagnosis:

    1. Differentiation in severeness: Usually headaches of the type of external are more severe than the internal type. Whereas that of internal diseases, deficiency of qi, insufficiency of blood, deficiency of kidney-yin and liver-yin suffer less pain. Those that belong to the type of deficiency of qi will have more painful headache in the morning whereas those that of insufficiency of blood is more painful in the afternoon or at night.
    2. Characteristics of headache: Those that due to phlegm-dampness have heavy and distending feelings; liver-fire type have throbbing and distending pain; Cold-limb type have cold sensation with stabbing pain; adverse flow of liver-yang will have distending pain; those that lacking in qi and blood or insufficiency of kidney-yin and liver-yang have dull or hollow pain.
    3. Other triggering factors: Overwork is the main triggering factor of the type of deficiency of qi. Headache of the type of cold-dampness will actually be fluctuated along with the change of weather condition; Emotional disturbances cause headache of the type of liver-fire to be more severe; Of hyperactivity of yang, it is aggravated by alcohol drinking or over eating. Headache of deficiency of kidney-yin and liver-yin is easily triggered by insomnia. Of the migraine type, wind-cold serves as important triggering factor.